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From drafting and disputing contracts or sales, to incorporating your start-up or converting to an LLC, Attorney Buzz Brown has the business knowledge and commercial competency to represent your small, medium, or large business’s every legal matter. Commercial law can be time-consuming. Attorney Buzz Brown will work the hours and days needed to expedite your case and seek the greatest return on your legal consultation investment.

As a sole proprietor you’ve vested so much time, effort and many financial resources into your new venture or start-up. Incorporating or converting to a limited liability company provides insurance to all those resources you’ve devoted: Personal asset protection, tax flexibility, enhanced credibility, brand protection, post-proprietor existence, and many other advantages. Call today to speak with Attorney Buzz Brown, let’s discuss your business’s next opportunity.

“Why should I incorporate or convert to LLC?”

Whether buying or selling your product, forging partnerships with other businesses, or expanding your operations, there are risks and legal hurdles to pass in your advances to success. Attorney Buzz Brown understands the many complexities of commercial law, employment law, litigation and risk analysis, and is always available to consult and represent your business’s prospects.

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