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Don’t let one mistake ruin your career or future

Caught for over speed? Or perhaps you made an honest mistake with consuming beverages or substances. Don’t let one incident ruin your career, education or future work prospects. Call Buddie R. (Buzz) Brown, Attorney today to discuss your charges and details of your case. He will work promptly and aggressively to seek the best possible outcome – be it reducing your offenses, or even having your case thrown out.

  • DUI or DWI

  • Harassment

  • Simple assault

  • Traffic citations

  • Disorderly conduct

  • Vandalism or juvenile offenses

  • All other municipal court offenses

Representing a myriad of municipal offenses

Attorney Buzz Brown has assisted clients just like you on both sides of the law. If you’ve been the victim of burglary, theft, vandalism, or another offense that has taken case in municipal court, call now. Mr. Brown will aggressively seek the best possible outcome for your victimization, fighting for the compensation or reparations you deserve.

Have you been a victim of minor crime?

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