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From buying or selling your personal property, to representing your business in commercial real estate, Attorney Buzz Brown will confidently handle every aspect of your contract drafting or disputes, sales, deeds, or purchase terms, construction defects, construction litigation, and lease terms.

  • Drafting of eviction notices

  • Drafting of leases and contracts

  • Representing eviction proceedings

  • Rental law compliance consultations

Efficiently settle your landlord or tenant disputes

Obtaining the approval, permits, and rights for planning, zoning, digging and constructing on your property is a lengthy and complicated process. Don’t let government agencies and local representatives block your project’s success with bureaucracy or legalese. Call Buddie R. (Buzz) Brown, Attorney for effective zoning board application, land use and construction permit representation. Mr. Brown proudly serves residential and commercial clients like you throughout northern Alabama.

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